R-140 Shampoo - 5 Litre

R-140 Shampoo - 5 Litre

Special Request
A two-in-one product cleaning and protecting in one procedure. Particularly well suited for  maintenance of R-130 B. Product also adds new shine to the boat.


Instructions for use: Mix R-140 in the ratio of 100 ml with 5 liters of water. Wash the surface with a sponge or soft brush. The surface should then be dried and polished with a microfiber cloth if desired.

Renskib recommends:
Mix 20 ml R-140 in ½ liter of water in a spray bottle, or as needed. Spray on a small area and wipe with a damp microfiber cloth. Subsequently, dry/polish with a dry microfiber cloth.
This ensures low water consumption, very low risk of lime deposits and thus a clean and shiny boat.



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